The same way some Northerner felt an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the North is the way some South Easterners see an attack on IPOB/ESN as an attack on the SE.

Same way Northerners defend Pantami's extremism is same way Southerners defend the extremism of Nnamdi Kanu
If you wake up today and criticise the actions of certain individuals in the South, Afang Soup and his army of IPOB sympathizers will accuse you of hating Igbos.

That is the same Waspapin will accuse you of hating Northerners for simply calling out actions of certain Northerners
There are people here of Southern extraction I have seen talk about how an Aboki is not fit to lead them, how they'd never vote for a Northerner in 2023.

I've seen tweets about Northerners being illiterates, terrorists, Extremists, savages etc. Dozens of Rats in acknowledgement
So I wonder why same people from the South are shocked that someone from the North will rather bite Shekau than vote for a Southerner.

And also shocked at him collectivising Southerners (Igbos especially) as ritualists and whatever other label he conjured up
You can't act all shocked when the same extremism/bigotry you spew under the guise of opposition Politics is being thrown back at you.

We need to learn to draw the line. I've been guilty of such tirades/rhetorics before out of naivety and anger. But it doesn't help anyone
When you start condemning extremism and crime with no exception, then we can talk about the way forward.

All these rigmaroling in the name of Politics doesn't help anyone. We are all contributing to the deepening divide. And it'd consume us all when it gets to the brim.
Btw, I don't have time to start debating why or how Nnamdi Kanu and his horde of IPOB followers are as Extremist/bigoted as Islamic extremists up North (even tho they have different agenda).

Most of you are not ready for conversations. It is always we against them,Black Vs White
You can go ahead and do what you do best. The Northerners calling me an idiot,a fool who hates Northerners.

And the Southerners (as usual) calling me a fool,an idiot who hates Southerners,especially Igbos.

Then those who'd say I have been paid to tweet. I've seen it all before
And btw: Nigeria will not be split..maybe in your imagination.The same way Yusuf/Shekau failed in their attempt to create an Islamic State is the same way IPOB/Nnamdi Kanu will fail.

You'd remain in this imperfect entity and have sense in it BY FORCE.Your gragra will be squashed
Oh, I know I don't have sense. I am dumb. I am dense. I am a dunce. I am faux intellectual. I have even forgotten some of the USUAL labels.

It still doesn't change the fact that you all encourage extremism and pretend you're the moral force in the name of Politics. Good day
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