1/4 I noticed in Aus that thinking has shifted & any country apart from Aus/NZ had become "over there". In everyday conversation it is- things are terrible "over there", they are struggling "over there". Countries no longer have names or unique identities.
2/4 Well, I recently moved "over there" & you know what? The only time I hear about Covid is on my Aus twitter feed. There is no obsession with numbers or with blame. People wear masks, they sanitize, they distance, they isolate where possible. But they don't obsess.
3/4 Each country is different & people have suffered terribly due to covid... but when travelling I have noticed that the world is moving on. There is progress, there are other issues, there is movement.
4/4 I wonder. Will this "🌍 vrs 🇦🇺" mentality last forever? Will Aus be obsessing over single cases for years to come? Will #partnersapart & #strandedAussies ever be given hope?
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