Katsuki shuffled from his sleep. The warm rays of the sun spill all over the room. He felt a warm snuggle closer to him. Keeping his eyes closed, he reached for his phone. Once he got the device in hand, he cracked one eye open to check the time.

It's dead. His phone's dead.
Sitting down, he stared at the device turning it on, an arm still wrapped around his naked torso.

He tried remembering his schedule, wrestling it out his throbbing head until he noticed the painted nails on the arm around him.

Wait, Izuku never paints his nails.
His eyes began rooming all over the place, the room unfamiliar but what made him jump out of the bed as the woman lying naked next to him.

Shit, he begins to panic. The ache on his head throbbed more.

Fuck, he eyed her white skin stained with bites, bruises, and kissmarks.
Without wasting any time he quickly pick up his clothes on the floor, puting them on.

"You're up already, it's so early." Katsuki froze on his spot hearing the woman's groggy voice.

He needs to leave. He has to leave. Deku is waiting at home.

What the fuck did he do?
Not bothering to answer, Katsuki continued to dress up while rummaging every memory in his brain.

Okay, he and his idiot band of merry men went on a drink into this exclusive party. They were talking, eating, the loud music playing.

Then what?

His head throbbed.
"We should eat breakfast." The woman wrapped her arms around him making Katsuki bolt away.

"Don't touch me!" His voice echoed in the huge suite. His heart pounded so loud against his chest.

"Geez! Relax! It's fine, we can go for another round," she smiled, teasing.
Katsuki turned away from her.

Okay, party. Drinks. His memories a mess.

Okay, at some point he excused himself because Deku called. Right, right.

Deku called they talked then someone gave him a drink. Then what? Then what?!

Fuck. What the fuck did he do?
The woman behind him got dress, she was talking about something but Katsuki could barely process anything with the ringing in his head. And trying to decipher what happened.

He quickly left the room, half running.

Home, Deku's waiting home. He needs to go home!
Katsuki frantically push the elevators button, impatiently looking at the number on the small led on top of the metal frame.

Fuck, how should he explain this to Deku. What would he say?

The elevator door opened with a ping. Katsuki got inside, he immediately closed the door.
Ignoring the sight of the woman, in his robes running after him.

If Izuku found out what he did, he's sure he'll cry. He'll get mad.

Izuku will leave him.

He will leave him.

Fuck, Katsuki held his head with one hand. He can't know. Izuku can't know.
When he got on the lobby, eyes were automatically on him. How could they not recognized the number one Pro Hero?

Not only was he the top hero but he's even named the most wanted bachelor and the sexiest man that year.

Whispers erupted, eyes, and phones darted towards him.
When the blond got out of the hotel the paparazzi swarmed him but Katsuki continued to walk his way out. Trying to ignore them, desperate to go home.

Luckily he found where he parked his car and got inside.

The press darted their attention to the woman who was chasing him.
Calling his name.

Katsuki doesn't have time. He will fix the pr later. He could barely do anything with his phone dead.

What he needed to do is focus on getting home. Going back to Izuku. Assuring him.

He drove with a single goal in mind to get to Izuku's arms.
Once he had parked his car at the basement of their apartment building.

Katsuki impatiently rode the elevator.

Finally, /finally/, he was back in their place. When he opened the door he was welcomed by the smell of pancakes and freshly brewed coffee.
"Deku!" Katsuki called.

"Oh, Kacchan," Izuku smiled holding a spatula while wrapped in his All Might apron. "Welcome back!"

Katsuki ran to him, enveloping him into a tight warm hug. Barely breathing, he kissed the top of his head. Inhaled his citrus shampoo.
"What's the matter?" Izuku chuckled.

Katsuki pulled a little away. "Nothing. I just missed you."

"Why are you being sentimental? Did you do something wrong?"

That made Katsuki froze.

"No, of course, I realized I fucking hate parties. I would never go to one again."
Izuku wrapped his arms around his nape. "Don't say that. The number one hero needs to have his fun as well." Tip toeing, he landed a small kiss on his lips.

Katsuki pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

"Ah, I can still taste the alcohol!" Izuku scrunched his nose, as they —
— parted away.

"How about take a shower, charge your phone, and then we'll eat breakfast?" Izuku smiled.

"Yeah," Katsuki kissed his forehead and pulled him again on a tight embrace. "Deku..."


"You do know you're the only one I will love, right?"
Izuku laughed softly, "Why are you acting so soft? Did you do something I should know?"

Katsuki shook his head. "Can't I just remind you, idiot?"

The greenette gave a thoughtful hum.

"You trust me right? More than anyone else?" Katsuki asked softly, holding his hands.
Their eyes met, Izuku filled the spaces between Katsuki's fingers. "I trust you with all I am, Kacchan."

The blond lifted their joined hands, he kissed Izuku's knuckles. "I will do anything to never break that trust."

"I know you will. Kacchan doesn't half ass things."
"Damn right." Katsuki grinned.

"Now, now, take a bath. Hurry! I still need to cook!" Izuku playfully pushed him away.

"Fine!" The blond walked to their room.

When he opened the door the room was dark and a mess. It was as if the whole place hasn't been touched for days.
Katsuki walked towards the bedside table and plugged in his phone. He then went to the bathroom and took a slow shower.

After some time, he finally got out, his phone had turned on and was now in 20% thanks to the fast charging feature.

The blond darted out the room.
When he got out, there was no scent of pancakes nor coffee.

The apartment was just eeriely silent.

"Deku!" He called walking to the kitchen. He was not there and the whole place was a mess. Used pan still on the stove. Piles of dishes in the sink.
There's a heavy rotten smell in the air. Smell of food that had gone bad and was left for days.

"Deku!" He walked towards the living room but he wasn't there. He checked everywhere repeatedly calling his name.

In panic, Katsuki went back to his room, grabbing his phone.
He dialled Izuku's number but it just directs him to his voicemail.

He dialled the number again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

The corners of his eyes burned, his throat burns. Everything burns.

His phone rang, flashing Kirishima's name, Katsuki quickly answered.
"He found out!" Katsuki nearly choked on his words and unshed tears. "He found out what I did and he left me! Fuck! Deku left me!" Hot tears stream down his face.

"Kats, are you home? What's going on? What do you mean he found out?" Kirishima's voice was frantic.
There was shuffling on the other line, like he was doing something then Katsuki heard and engine came to life.

"Deku found out I cheated on him." Katsuki's voice was broken. "He left me. He left me."

"Kats, calm down. Take a deep breath, man." Eijirou pleaded.
"I told you that party is a bad idea!! I told you we shouldn't have gone to it!! I fucked up! He left me!" Katsuki cried, clutching his chest hard. "Why the fuck did you force me to go to that party?!"

"Kats! You have to calm down," a pause. "Please. Please take deep breath."
"No! I have to chase him! I have to find him! I'll tell him I'll do anything." Katsuki was getting ready to leave. "I have to run after him! I'm sure he hasn't gone too far!"

"No!" Eijirou rarely raised his voice that Katsuki halted. "Just stay where you are."
"Fuck you! You don't understand if I don't chase him he will leave me! I will never see him again!"

"Just stay where you are. We'll try to find him." Eijirou's voice was tight.

"I don't have time! Deku can't just lea—"

"HE'S DEAD!" Katsuki felt the world stopped.
"Fuck you, Shitty Hair! If you don't want to help me then don't but you can't say Deku's dead!" Katsuki growled.

"Kats, he's dead. He's gone." Eijirou's voice was soft. Katsuki could hear the pain in his throat. His tears streaming down. "I'm really sorry but..."
"No! Fuck you! I will find Deku! I'll bring him back! We'll have that stupid beach wedding he wanted so bad so fuck off!"

"Katsuki," there was pain and defeat in his voice. "Remember, you held him in your arms that day?"

"No! Fuck you! There's no sense talking to you!"
The blond ended the call, tossing his phone away. He was weakly slumped on the floor, eyes staring blankly.

And he felt it. Like he had been on that day. He felt Izuku's weight against his arms. The warmth of his blood.

Katsuki could almost hear his labored breathing.
His shoulder started to shake. The cries he held in him finally left his lips. Tears kept falling down. Katsuki sobbed loud, helplessly leaning against their mess of a bed. The bed they used to share.

The idiot even had the strength to smile at him and tell him how cool he was.
He heard the main door opened but Katsuki was just falling apart that he couldn't even bother.

He hugged himself, whispering Izuku's name.

/You are my first memory and I am happy that you'll be my last. I'm sorry for doing this to you, Kacchan./
Eijirou pushed the door of their bedroom and was welcomed by the sight of Katsuki crying on the floor.

The guy never cried. When Izuku died he didn't cry. He held it in. In the wake and in the funeral he never cried.

He just stood there, lifeless. Cloaked in pain.
"Kats," he gently called, sitting on the edge of the bed next to him.

Their house used to be cleanest among the group of friends. Katsuki hated when things was out of order and Izuku like the place smelling like citrus and mint.

"I love him." Katsuki sobbed.
"We know. Everyone knows." Eijirou smiled small, his hand on Katsuki's shoulder.

"I love him so much." Katsuki's voice cracked. "So much, Ei. So fucking much."

"I'm sure you do, Kats. I'm sure you do."

/I love you, Kacchan./
/I love you when were just kids. I loved you at your worsts. I loved you at your bests. And I will probably love you in our next life./

"I'll probably love him even in our next life." Katsuki clutched his chest, crying hard.

"Yeah, Bakugou Katsuki doesn't half ass things."
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