COVID vaccines available in Kashmir are safe in:



Transplant patients

Those with lung diseases

Those with chronic disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis

Heart patients (CAD)

Immunocompromised (Cancers, HIV etc)

All above 18 years of age (1/n)
COVID vaccines available in Kashmir should be given 4-8 weeks after resolution of sign symptoms in case of active COVID.

COVID vaccines available in Kashmir should similarly be delayed in those who recieved plasma.

Should not be given to those less than 18. (2/n)
These vaccines should not be given in those with history of allergies to vaccine components.

These vaccines are NOT tested in pregnant and lactating mothers and in such case should only be taken after discussion with your physician and gynaecologist.

The vaccines available in Kashmir, if they need to be combined with other vaccines there should be a delay of atleast 14 days.

There should be no interchanginng of vaccines. covaxin is to be follwed by covaxin, covishield by covishield.
After the first shot of vaccine some immunity (40%-70%) takes 2-4 weeks to develop, so do not lower the gaurd during that (or even after that), this is where people can get infected due to carelessness.

After both the shots, you are still not immune to getting infection so (5/n)
use masks, practice social distancing and practice personal/hand hygiene.

Some things to expect after your jab:

Mild body aches




Slight injection site swelling.

Do not worry this means your vaccines is working.
Worry only if you become:


Develop body swelling

Your BP drops.

In these cases rush to your Doctor.

Best place to take a vaccine:

A setting where you can be monitored for 30 minutes after the shot.

Vaccines do not cause menstrual issues!! (n/n)
Writing this only after having vaccinated myself and my whole family…

Vaccines and Masks.

Those are your guards!!
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