1/ Was having a chat with a mate, and suddenly realised that StarLink could become a major "telecomms" provider at least in developing countries. Of course, they won't because they will not be able to get licencing - else they'd slaughter local telecomms.
2/ If you think of all of the kiosks that are available all over Africa selling mobile credit; each of these can easily afford to buy a StarLink dish and pay the monthly instalments, and then sell wifi credit to the local population. The limit is the strength of the signal.
3/ Given enough of these providers, and given the massive arbitrage potential, it stands to reason that over time this mesh would achieve reasonable coverage, particularly on the densely populated areas. Anyone who's ever been to a musseque / bidonville knows how dense they are
4/ Of course, users will not want to have to pay each provider independently - it is possible, but not very practical. If a large company took the hit and sold "saldo" (mobile credit) that you could reuse across any agent then suddenly it would make a lot more sense.
5/ Internet is a big cash cow to inefficient telecoms and they often have a captive market, so clearly regulation will be very much against it. However, I think even local internet on a per-agent basis will take off - especially if StarLink monthly prices go down as tech matures.
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