1/5 Today is the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Research commissioned by EPA exploring attitudes towards radiation found that 28% of people surveyed are concerned about radiation. One of the key concerns is how nuclear power plants abroad affect Ireland. #chernobyl
2/5 Compared to radiation exposure from radon in the home, the impact of nuclear power plants abroad on people in Ireland is negligible. #Chernobyl #Chernobyl35
3/5 However, an @AmarachResearch poll found that  less than one quarter of Irish people believed that the risk from radon was greater than the risk from a nuclear accident in a country close to Ireland. #Chernobyl #Chernobyl35
4/5 Some reassuring findings from this research show that - in the event of a nuclear accident close to Ireland – 88% of people would follow government and/or scientific advice, over half would go to the EPA website for information.
5/5 For more information about testing your home for radon visit http://radon.ie  #Chernobyl #Chernobyl35
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