If your claim is the COVID death figures in India are 2x of what the government figure is you have my attention. If your claim is that the number is 10x you have my disdain because you refuse to use basic common sense.
Just FYI in my opinion, the under reported death figures aren't part of some grand global conspiracy IMO. I believe every country will underreport some of it. Also, in India every state government will do it. So this is not a sly on any government. But the 10x claim is outrageous
On one hand, you say the government is totally incompetent & that is why we are in this mess. This I agree with. All governments are incompetent in varying degrees. Then in the same breath you claim they are so competent that they are hiding death figures which are actually 10x!!
I mean for f*&ks sake decide for once, are these governments (state and centre) competent or incompetent? Do you realise the level of control and competence (of the evil kind) that would be needed to hide a number like 10X of the current COVID deaths?
The current number of deaths as per this moment ( http://covid19india.org  Database) is 195118. So if the real deaths are 10x of this you do realise what this number is right? Do you actually hear yourself if you agree with that 10x number? You sound like a flat earther to me.
By the way we had the same narrative last year during the 1st wave albeit with a different religion. Remember the Muslim burial grounds being overburdened and running out of space and there are dead bodies everywhere? Now I will share a few links for reference.
Now these stories are from the 1st wave of COVID. Now is it possible that there were underreported deaths? yes, but the key question is by how much? If it was 10x do you understand the amount of time & in the case of Muslims the amt of space that would be required to bury people?
By the way such stories did crop up in Mumbai too. I also bought the claims initially. But then I followed up after a while and was told that the chaos is partly because of the spike (which is expected), but, it was primarily because people were overburdened with COVID protocols.
Now a very simple way to decipher all of this is to look at the death rates of 2018 to 2020. Study the trends and wherever you find gaps you try to use basic logic to decipher what is up. What points would be needed to be considered to break this down?
1. What is the spike in terms of absolute nos of deaths?
2. In which period did this spike happen?
3. Can these nos be given to COVID completely? If yes why?
So are we trying to say every extra death in India has happened only because of COVID? Deaths by other causes are reported perfectly? Do people even hear themselves?
If one was to consider all these factors the only rational conclusion that can be derived is that the deaths could be 2x of what the governments (state and central) claim. It cannot be beyond that. And if you want to make the 10x claim then provide the evidence for the same.
As Sagan said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The claim of 10x is outlandish to say the least. So please provide hard numbers. Not some stupid crematoriums in certain areas are overburdened stories,
Otherwise, I will use the Hitchens Razor “The elementary rules of logic: that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence & that what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.” So shut the hell up with the 10x claims & stop the panic porn.
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