#COVID19India The number of people #vaccinated :
Total: 117,795,008
Male: 61,442,119
Female: 56,337,692
Third gender: 15,197
Total doses: 139,185,173
Growth rate of active cases: 5.4%
(Declined for 7 consecutive days)
Overall picture: sharply rising active cases, recovered cases and deaths
Growth rates:
Active cases = 5.4%
Recovered = 1.5%
Deaths = 1.3%
Daily cases: new record (354,653)
Daily cases across states: rising sharply everywhere
These are states & UTs where the infection growth is highest (> all-India). Delhi, Goa & Kerala are witnessing fastest growth. (States that are not in this graph are witnessing infection growth at less than all-India level)
Daily testing is rising consistently and sharply
Daily testing is falling consistently in Delhi (very deeply troubling!) - while it is rising elsewhere in the country.
(Telangana also showing a small downturn).
Doses: First, Second, Total
People: Male, Female, Third gender
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