since i saw smthing on tiktok im going to quickly say, don't use the terms "high functioning" or "low functioning" when referring to autism, as it is harmful to call someone's autism high or low functioning!! ( 1/5
it can give off the impression that "some people suffer from autism more than others" which is. extremely dangerous, as we do not "suffer" from our autism. autistic people can show more or less symptoms, or they may not be affected as much by stuff related to meltdowns, ( 2/5
which is the basis of the "high/low functioning scale" idea. however, just because an autistic person is less vulnerable to having a meltdown does not make their autism less important. ( 3/5
i hope this explained it well enough im not very good at explaining this kinda stuff plus it's a very sensitive topic so my words get jumbled and it's confusing ( 4/5
but yea don't use the terms high/low functioning in reference to autism!! autistic ppl can add onto this or correct anything i said if i got something wrong, but if you are not autistic, pls just like. take notes or rt!! ( 5/5
btw this thread waz made by an autistic person!! now non autistic ppl rt /srs
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