What happened to Dr Deena Hinshaw? Where did you go? I miss you these days.

The person who cared about each and every one of her patients, whose mentors spoke so glowingly of her.

The doctor who followed the science.

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At least until your voice was quelled by loud corporate noise, the suits, stakeholder meetings, long, untaped conversations that Albertans aren't privy to.

Maybe it was the hope that you could still be part of something good -

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even as you announce health measures from a podium that says "Protecting Lives and Livelihoods" on it.

You didn't get into preventative medicine to protect livelihoods, Deena.

The steely, robotic CMOH is an armor you put on to make it from one day to the next. #ableg #abhealth
But I know it's still you underneath it all, Deena, because I've seen it. I can see you in between the cracks in your voice where the pain leaks out only briefly, the tense jaw, and lips pressed thin like a line.

It's easier to lose touch with reality

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Albertans are facing when we're always held carefully at a distance. It makes sense. It removes & protects you - physically, mentally, & emotionally - when you speak to screens that won't speak back. It must be easier when we're statistics at a podium,

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but you know that we're more than that - you've said it yourself many times.

you can exit out of a window on your computer screen, but on the other end, Albertans are still here & we are aching.

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You must know that the COVID Cabinet Committee isn't primarily concerned with protecting Albertans' lives, but their own livelihoods - their own financial interests. Surely that's been made abundantly clear to you now.

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Deena Hinshaw, you're a strong woman raised by a strong woman. You know exactly what it feels like to be told that you've tragically lost a loved one without being able to say goodbye. You've experienced it. It's a heartache you know well.

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You've had the support of your friends & family to get you through this - for that, I am glad. But your employers include deeply damaged, morally corrupt people who have held their own financial interests above all else. They don't consider the impact on us. #ableg #abhealth 👇🏻
I know that's what they told you, what they had you believe, but it hasn't been the truth in a long time.

They don't represent Albertans. They represent themselves.

You cannot allow yourself to be used as a puppet any longer.

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Not without inadvertently legitimizing the decisions they make with their financial needs above all else.

I think you know this now.

You believe in the science.
You believe that we're all in this together so you need to make a choice - are you in this with Albertans & your community or are you in this with The UCP?

You can't have it both ways anymore.

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