A while back, back in January and Feb. in fact, I believe, I began doing some rough sketches/analysis of the different palaces in Zelda 2.

Zelda 2 is an interesting game. It's good, albeit flawed, and has an interesting sword and sorcery kinda vibe I like.
The palaces have a vaguely classical/Hellensitic look, which is unique in the franchise. They're more or less tile swaps, but they look cool, colorful, and unique.

I thought it would be fun to sketch them, redesign them, and assign them classical orders, etc.
These are all done with markers and liners on trace-sketch paper. The ones in this thread wil l be pics taken with my ipad. When I'm done I might post scanned, high res versions on patreon for patrons.
So here we go! I'll try to add maybe one a day or so. First, Parapa Palace.

The first one you visit, at a precipice on the sea. At least I always imagined it as being a cliff or something. White brick, monster-faces on the columns, etc.

So, here's what I did.
Since it's the first I associated with the the Doric order, and gave the columns a more stout, heavy look, and a capital suitable for this, while giving the monster face more detail and shape. I looked at Greek temple layouts, and came up with a rough entrance floorplan.
I also added things like an architrave, triglyph, etc. the various little named layers of the roof. (Not my drawing, just a textbook thing found online).
I sketched a few notable things, such as the blue platform where you find the items, the windows with the ominous red "sky" beyond, and one of the arches over an elevator.

The arched window would not be in a doric style temple, so I went with something rectangular.
Sketches the breakable blocks, and the collapsing bridge, with vague hints at mechanism. The certain hall where the boss fight happens, and a locked door that combines aesthetics of the doors in the game and what classical doors on temples may have looked like.
That's all for now.
Next up is the swamp palace, which I reinvented in to something even older than Doric. It also gets more colorful.
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