Hi all! I would like to remind everyone that if I say something or do something that feels offensive to you, please take that up with me personally. I just had to read a thread talking about me and my Detoxified fic in a very heated manner (1)
I had to translate it all because it wasn’t even done in English(I’m saying, in this context, if you have a problem with me or something I’ve done, I would like for it to be addressed in the language that I universally understand so I know more readily when there’s a problem)(2)
So I will say this: I do not mean, in any way shape or form, to insult, demean, degrade or affront the efforts of the work put into TharnType by the original writing and production team. That is not what I set out to do. In fact, in the first chapter’s notes, I explicitly stated-
That that is not what I set out to do. I love TharnType. I love MewGulf’s chemistry, and I thought the plot was compelling and unique. I, however, having grown up in western culture, saw things in the show(and the novel) that, in the environment in which I grew up, were highly-
Disturbing, and I set out to rewrite the series in a more realistic light, from the point of view of someone who’s been through trauma and knows that the portrayal in the series was very lackluster. I saw, in this thread that I had to read, that OP’s issue was with the way I-
Tagged my fic. Let me put this simply: the tags are cynical, but they are not hateful or contemptuous, as you have surmised. For example, the tag that states “Type’s trauma is actually a recurring struggle and not a cheap ploy for dramatic effect” is meant to call out the fact-
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