Regina King looks so lovely and I'm mad all over again that she wasn't nominated for directing ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI. #oscars
Laura Dern is great but my favorite thing to remember is her saying "pew pew" while firing in Star Wars #oscars
Man that suit though, Leslie Odom, Jr!!! #oscars
(also pretty uncomfortable with how frequently Dern is referencing "social justice" as part of these best supporting actor nomination readings?) #oscars
like that was weird, right?
hell yeah Daniel Kaluuya though!! #oscars
<3 <3 <3 <3 #oscars
lolololol riz "wow so no working your way up huh" #oscars
oh oh ok ok ok ok ok ok ok #oscars
hahahahahahhaa i think many first gen kids have this exact experience, only when my immigrant mom accidentally took us to see Tim Burton's Batman in 1989 w/ my siblings and cousins, she made us walk out of the theater lollolol #oscars
Oof Youn Yuh-jung is so charming <3 <3 #oscars
"I'm luckier than you and also maybe it is American hospitality for the Korean actor?" aslkdnf;asidjfasdf lolololololol #oscars
why did those tenent people just look so serious omg wait there's a perfect gif for this #oscars
whatever, this tweet is funny lol #oscars
lmao halle what #oscars
Halle was like "no one knows what you do but it's fine here's your award" lolllll #oscars
ayyy @questlove with that radiohead coming in! #oscars
LIKE 😍😍😍😍😍😍 #oscars
what did they just bleep plz tell me lmao #oscars
Somewhere some abc exec is like "this game was a mistake, regret, bleep, stop, regret." #oscars
hey someone at the oscars, tell us what they just bleeped when Andra Day and Glenn Close were talking shit lololol #oscars
! thank you!! #oscars
oof that Irrfan Khan shot hit me (though surprised/not surprised not to see Rishi Kapoor) #oscars
wait what, they're not ending with best picture??? #oscars
this is so weird #oscars
REALLY thought Minari had it - but kudos to Chloé Zhao + team #oscars
lol sorry Fran I will not be going into a dark room, shoulder to shoulder with ANYONE any time soon #oscars
i miss the movies! but also i don't trust anyone! #oscars
.................. #oscars
just wow #oscars
they really moved those awards around and then #oscars
had made peace with Riz and Steven not winning honestly leading up to this bc it was Chadwick's to win???? just yikes on yikes on yikes.
Just thinking about how Heath Ledger won for the Joker which we knew meant for his performance + all the work he'd done and all the work he'd never do. That's what I thought was going to happen tonight.
love that this thread starts off with disappointment and ends with disappointment very cool #oscars
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