There's no point admonishing the mainstream press for the public's plummeting trust in it. It can't change. A thing that has only ever existed to administer propaganda can't suddenly become journalism, and humanity's relationship with narrative is going to continue to fall apart.
Don't tell the mainstream press to do their job. They ARE doing their job. They're doing it perfectly. It's just that their job isn't what you thought it was. Don't say "Do your job!" Say "It sucks that I used to think you tell us the truth about what's happening in our world."
The MSM are completely and utterly irredeemable, and always have been. It's a waste of energy to try and get plutocratic propaganda institutions to suddenly begin doing journalism; that's not what they're for. Instead, teach people to stop seeing them as journalistic outlets.
Humanity's relationship with narrative is evolving. You see it in the way our once rigid ideas about things like religion, gender, relationships, currency etc are becoming much more fluid, and you see it in the growing distrust in mainstream media. We're realizing it's all story.
There's a deep growing insight in our collective consciousness that society is made of narrative, and that those narratives can be re-written by any or all of us in a way that isn't designed to benefit the few elites who've been authoring them up til now. This will change it all.
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