Hon VP @AmrullahSaleh2 instd of blaming 🇵🇰 on the eve of our delegation visit to 🇦🇫, appreciate the efforts that we r trying carry out for an Afghan-led peace process. H.E @Umardaudzai2 has a different take on 🇵🇰. Now either you are just bursting out a rhetoric on 🇵🇰 1/7
Which is becoming a cliché or Mr Daudzai is sending out a wrong message. Which one is right?

Some pointers from the interview of Mr. Daud Zai are presented below to take a detailed view... 2/7
Pakistan’s policy pertaining to Afghanistan is changing. it seems that Pakistan’s policy for Afghanistan has already shifted. Pakistan has assisted in negotiations.

Because Pakistan shifted its policy to a geo-economic that was previously GEO-POLITICAL 3/7
Pakistan desires peace because without peace it cannot have trade access to Ctr Asian states.
Pakistan played a significant role in Doha talks.
I now know certainty that Pakistan put a lot of pressure on the Taliban to attend the Istanbul Meet
There is a change in statements.
Therefore, Pakistan announced in Moscow that it would not recognize the Taliban Emirate.
The best thing is that when something is going wrong and we indicate that it is not going well, Pakistan recognizes and changes it. We both understand each other's gestures now quite well 5/7
We would talk with the delegation that is coming from Pakistan on issues that were never discussed before.
But Pakistan also has the reservations that anti-Pakistan org r in Afghanistan.
Last time Pakistan,  for the 1st time said that they r satisfied with Afghan army... 6/7
Before that, Pakistan used to complain of Afghan army's Co-op with TTP.
This isnt same anymore. Now Pakistan says that when we want, we do ask for afghan cooperation.

However ,we cannot say that Pakistan has not helped at all. They have cooperated with us in security matters 7/7
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