Samantha Brooks and Ellen Reiche, both charged under ACTUAL terrorism statues for allegedly attemempting to derail trains carrying hazardous materials with shunting devices.

Both are free on bail
Richard Hunsinger aka "Millions of dead landlords", a communist who with a group of other extremists threw a nail bomb and Molotov cocktails into a Federal building.

Free on 10k bail
Joseph Sipe, a schizophrenic who threw a Molotov "behind" police during #Portland riots. Booked for attempted murder, but only charged for rioting and possession of a destructive device. Given a 1k bail

Failed to appear for court, was released again, then failed to appear again
Colinford Mattis & Urooj Rahman

Charged in a 7 count indictment that includes arson, conspiracy, explosives, & civil disorder from May 30th #BLM riots.

Both are free on house arrest + electronic monitoring
Pittsburgh Anarchist Jordan Coyne, charged with 15+ state charges as well as civil disorder federally for throwing bricks at police. 25k bail

Same district where they tried to hold a mother of 8 for damaging a window at capitol, calling her a flight risk
Margaret Channon, set fire to FIVE Seattle Police patrol cars during #Seattle #Antifa riots.

Indicators she's a schizophrenic and deeply unstable, having run away from home before.

She's free on bail. She's broken curfew/electronic monitoring twice now.
Isaiah Jason Maza Jr. was federally charged for throwing explosives into a Federal courthouse that injured federal officers.

He was freed on bail, where we was stabbed and killed in NE Portland -
Kenneth Deberry, the convicted pedophile who was arrested with a gun after attacking a Trump supporter at MMM in DC.

He likely faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years due to prior convictions (pedo stuff/robbery)

Free on bail.
Darby Howard a #Portland #Antifa rioter, arrested twice in one day, one was for breaking windows of a federal buildings (sound familiar?). Previously in an Endangered Persons alert, indicating he ran away from home.

Free on bail.
Thomas Starks smashed in a U.S. senator’s office window in Fargo (AN ATTACK ON DEMOCRACY)

Prominent North Dakota Democrats stood by him and he was free on bail.

He plead guilty recently, sentencing set for 7/29
Jason Charter, arrested and federally charged for Albert Pike + Andrew Jackson statue attacks.

Free on bail w/ monitoring, despite facing two assault charges in DC (One for Jack Posobiec assault, and one for a DC police officer assault during a WalkAway event)
John Wesley Wade was arrested for setting fire to a Wendys in Atlanta. He was freed on bail with electronic monitoring

While on bail, he's accused of setting fire to USPS mail bins and vandalizing cop cars (while trying to frame the Proud boys). Got denied bail after that.
Mena D. Yousif, fled the country after a string of #Minneapolis arson attacks during riots with her boyfriend Jose Felan.

After 8~ months they were captured by US Marshalls and taken back to the USA.

You guessed it, she's free on bail
Gabriel Agard-Berryhill arrested for throwing explosives at a federal courthouse during #Portland riots.

Was free on bail, has made multiple bail violations leading to him being declared a Fugitive to US Marshalls at one point.

Free on bail.
Airman first class Larry Raynold Williams Jr, who wore an US Air Force issued gas mask during Salt Lake City riots where he can be seen setting fire to a cop car.

Free on bail.
Ashton Howard (27) of Kenosha, arrested for throwing a brick at an officer’s head, knocking the officer unconscious. Also got firearm charges because he's a felon.

Free on bail.
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