Traveling today so here is an afternoon Sunday #TikTokThread - these little ones KILLED this trend!
The way he burst in!
I love this!
Her Dad shocked her!
Get it ladies!
Words from a wise man.
This Mom let her Son do the voiceover for his wash day tutorial- cutest thing ever.
He not playing with this lesson!
Where is the lie?
Be prepared to cry yall...
Wait for it... ovaries alert.
She's back -
"Basil we BLACK!"
"Sir, you are not a buffalo chicken sandwich!"
All of these are hilariously accurate
Points were made!
She wins.
I love them. Trying to get like this with my homegirls real soon.
Sometimes as a baby sister you just gotta sit & listen... see y'all next week âœŒđŸœ
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