Here's a good video of what happened long after the 24-4-21 anti-lockdown rally finished.

Some peaceful protesters were left and were having a sing-song.

The police, who had been intimidated all day by the enormous size of the rally, decided that the crowd was now small enough that large gangs of them could come in and bust the music up and cause some trouble and make the protesters look violent.

So they waded into the crowd in an aggressive manner. They didn't even say what they were there for and what they wanted, they just barged in and started pushing people around like bully boys.

When they realised that there were not enough old ladies they could throw to the ground and there were some lads there who didn't take kindly to this treatment they got out their clubs and started swinging at people.

Which of course greatly inflamed the situation. But that at least meant that there were going to be slightly injured policemen so the media could report on the terrible violent protesters.

The police retreated in a pathetic and cowardly fashion, swinging their clubs at anyone they could. Many people followed them, filming them.

It was a bizarre sight, seeing the police swinging their clubs at people armed with camera-phones.

A few arseholes threw plastic water bottles at them, but most people near the police were trying to defuse the situation, apart from some trouble-makers.

And here's the most humiliating bit. Eventually a wall of hippies and old men and ladies with blue hair and lads formed a protective wall around the police to defend them.

Not that there was much they needed defending from, most of the rest of the crowd were more interested in shouting "Shame on you" at the police and telling them off than anything else (except one suspicious person in a mask who tried to steal a club).

All in all, another disgraceful episode from the London police, who have become an international embarrassment.

All pictures came from the video put up by Resistance GB, a name which sounds like something out of Antifa, but judging by the description on their YouTube channel, they're actually more like liberal/conservative (and that's very much a sign of the times).
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