1. More than 1B doses of #Covid19 vaccine have been administered worldwide, the Bloomberg tracker reports. One might be tempted to think 1 in 8 people have received a dose, but that's not true. A quarter of the doses have been used in the US, where many people have received 2.
2. How many? Well, data from the @CDCgov vaccine tracker shows that at least 86.7 M people in the US have received 2 doses of vaccine. Most countries (not all, not the US) giving vaccine now are using an altered schedule, delaying 2nd doses to give more first doses.
3. Global distribution of vaccine is still wildly inequitable. The Bloomberg tracker says the 27 richest countries, where 10.5% of the world's people live, have 37.5% of the available vaccine.
In the case of the US, some of that vaccine isn't being used & is unlikely to be used.
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