Just read that a % of people are skipping 2nd vaccine bc they fear side effects. Reading Twitter one would think everyone gets side effects. So for a little balance, hubs & I have ~zero effects from 2nd Pfizer. He's a little tired. I scrubbed the tub and made muffins today.
Since people are asking, thr muffins are grated pear & fresh ginger with cardamom and pine nuts.
2nd Shot Muffins by popular demand:

Grate 3 pears & 1 apple & some fresh ginger +1/2 c unsweetened applesauce +1T vanilla, 75-100g sweetener, 2 eggs, pine nuts & cardamom to taste.

2 tsp baking powder, 350g whole wheat flour.

Bake til firm &brown at 375F (~45 mins for me)
Finished muffin with fully vaccinated baker
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