Whole fiasco of #COVID19India should remind Indian majority that they’re neither Israel nor France. They’re still a third world country that doesn’t have basic infrastructure to deal with Heath of own citizens. Only your ego is being boosted by those who sell you planes & bombs.
To the Hindu majority the #COVID19India tragedy should be reminder that you do not burn bridges with your neighbors. Your first responders are the neighbors. France. Australia & Israel won’t come to rescue you. It’s going to be China, Pakistan & Muslim neighbors that will help u
And to Hindu majority of India #COVID19India should also be a reminder that it’s Indian minorities, the Muslims & Sikhs that took risks to save others. No Israel, French, Brahmin, Bania or Jains came to help you. Keep this is as lesson before you plan to snatch their citizenships
Hindutva in their newfound prosperity & arrogance tried to emulate Israel. Israel is tiny country of 9 million that’s less than Bangalore. Jewish people are wealthy, educated & not like Hindus who are still largely poor & need help of others. Now you must understand your reality
This is a lesson for Hindu majority who drunk in power & prosperity wanted to persecute Muslims. Your own Jain & Bania sold fake medicine made profit & abandoned your dead while, Muslims cremated your dead risking own lives. You should understand resilient Muslims shall prevail
Bania & Jain are hoarding & selling fake medicine & Muslims are supplying oxygen & cremating dead Hindus. This kind of greedy & corrupt society is never going to be an ideal Ram Rajya. 7 years of Modi have brought India to brink. You won’t be able to survive, persecuting Muslims. https://twitter.com/ani/status/1386563148694450177
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