This essentially aligns with what Adar tweeted few days back to POTUS and contradicts his later statements. Meaning later statements were probably made under some pressure?
Looks like Adar did definitely have Supply chain issues when US put ban & he tweeted last week. He ofcourse was looking out for other sources and the panic that set in with the doubt regarding Covishield supply was forced by govt to tell that he has "managed Covishield supplies".
Indian Govt for its own reasons was playing a waiting game with the Biden admin. Like clockwork, news of grim India situation appear, WH and State dept spokespersons are asked questions, Jaishankar then tweets about multilaterlaism, 2 India caucus senators tweet about it.
Then within hours NSA and SecState tweet of assistance. What was really surprising was the absence of any news of Indian Embassy in DC which usually works the Hill.
I think this thread explains beautifully.
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