Dear @CMODelhi @ArvindKejriwal @msisodia @SatyendarJain @raghav_chadha @AtishiAAP @Jasmine441
The Covid bed availability website is a gr8 concept but problem is that after checking availability patients are unable to contact Hospitals as none of them respond on given phones 1/5
2/5 Even if they take calls they say that beds r not available & information on website is old
This leads to a situation wherein patients r forced to go to hospitals & be told that bed is not available
Then they hav no option but to run from hospital to hospital looking for beds
3/5 Nodal officers dnt ever respond to calls.
Though ur website now shows 1518 beds r available but I called all hospitals myself & didn’t get any positive response
So my only option is to send patients on a wild goose chase thus adding to the trauma being suffered by patients
4/5 This can be avoided by starting a professional call centre which is big, polite & competent to take patient requests; Coordinate with hospitals & nodal officers & book a bed & inform the patient
This is easy & does not require any great scientific or technological knowledge.
5/5 Neither u nor v want citizens to suffer or die at the hospital gates or in vehicles looking for hospitals
But it’s happening.
People r dying without help & without dignity.
This should & can be stopped.
#Covid19 is not in ur control but this is.
So #ActNow & start a #Helpline
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