Modi has failed in his duty.
He should resign.
It is the duty of Modi to build hospitals and medical infrastructure in the entire country even if health infrastructure is a state subject.
Modi should have build hospitals from 1947-2014.
He should have taken over health from state list to central list by amending the constitution. He has failed to do that. It is the duty of congressmen, liberals, seculars and leaders of congress, regional parties, communist parties to blame modi for his failure to build
medical infrastructure in the country by giving orders to all and sundry ranging from chief secretary, health secretary up to the district health officers. It is the duty of secular parties to ignore health infrastructure and give pension to mullahs,
build hajj houses, facilitate building of mosques and churches at the cost of temples. It is the duty of liberals, secular parties, congress party, communist party to encourage and facilitate crores of illegal migrants from neighbouring islamic states to do terrorist
activities and put a huge economic burden on India.
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