This is rubbish. There is no such thing. Please don't allow multiculturalism to become a vehicle for racists & supremacists just because they are not white.

For shame.

Hinduphobia only exists in the way that white victimhood and 'reverse racism' exist.
For god's sake, don't go from monoculturalism to racism masquerading as multiculturalism. Get a grip.
Hindu supremacy in India--violent, lethal, caste-ridden, poisonous--is deliberately using 'decolonization' and 'multiculturalism' to Trojan horse its vitriol. There is no such thing as Hinduphobia as a documented phenomenon in the West. Don't fall for piss takes.
They are repeating the falsehoods of Hindu supremacy in India: 'Hindus are in danger' (from Muslims). That is what 'Hinduphobia' means. They think Muslims get 'special privileges' because white people feel guilty about Islamophobia, & think this is one way to get some too.
This is also intended to target academics, including at Rutgers, & many of the rest of us as well, academics who are rightly critical of Hindu majoritarianism, extremism, chauvinism & fundamentalism, using this invented nonsense term 'Hinduphobia'.
They are making EXACTLY the same bullshit claim as white supremacists who argue they are victims of 'anti-white racism'. This is not how racism works, people.
Anyway, you now see evidence writ large of the long-term systematic infiltration of student unions etc in UK & USA by hardcore supremacist groups pretending to be innocent multicultural student societies. I've seen it happen everywhere.
Just to add another little interesting anecdotal point: whenever I've been the subject of ferocious white supremacist racism, self-described "proud Hindus" have rushed in to support....the racists. And to add choice epithets of their own.
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