A few takeaways from the MAGA rally yesterday:

1. I have worked on campaigns and been active in politics since 1988. I had never been to a Trump rally though. These are much different than anything I have experienced. They are like revivals where Trump is a god. The lines that
get the loudest applause are the ones that are the most deranged.

2. These people have no use for GOP Senators or any other Republican who isn’t 100% loyal to Trump.

3. They really don’t identify so much as “Republican.” Of all the signs, flags, banners, hats and shirts, I
never saw “Republican” or an elephant logo on anything. It’s not loyalty to a party, it’s to Trump.

4. Although they want Trump to remain leader, few believe he will run in 2024.

5. Mike Flynn is definitely running for president in 2024. These rallies are his attempt to take
over the MAGA movement. The big question is what Trump thinks about that.

6. People there were half for Flynn and half for Desantis in 2024. They have zero interest in anyone else, who they perceive as either too weak, RINO, or too disloyal to Trump.
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