⚠️I saw some Armenian tweets criticizing appreciation to #Biden without mentioning #Putin as Russia "brokered truce" but the USA was very passively indifferent during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. This thread is to cover the logic behind. 👇
At first, Donald Trump has longtime business connections in/with Turkey which has essentially given Turkey a green light for major military invasions not only in #Karabakh.
Considering the humble population and military budget of #Armenia it is obvious that Azerbaijan has the most cowardly army while choosing to attack Armenia with the major support of Turkey and hired Syrian mercenaries. Just compare the numbers.
During the war #Azerbaijan severely violated various ceasefires brokered by the USA and used banned lethal weaponry to the civilian population, additionally tried to bring to extend conflict zone from Nagorno Karabakh, the Republic of Armenia which was attacked several times.
By the so-called "Russian-brokered truce" #Azerbaijan successfully occupied large areas. Neither Aliev nor Erdogan would ever touch #Karabakh without the approval of #Putin.
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