As i am going through the codex Drukhari to make a crusade force, my mind is filled with memories of them.

And, oh boy, let me tell you how much I hate and love them !

It started with enthousiasm and quickly become bitter. Why ? Because I couldn't win #WarhammerCommunity 1/9
1999 beginning of V3 and it was the first time I witnessed the release of a new army.
At this time, I was deep down into reading the adventures of the famous dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden.
I was so hyped by Dark Eldar! The plastic kabalite warrior kit was amazing modelling wise ! 2/9
I decided to paint them like D&d Dark elf, white hair, red eyes, black skin lot of purple and spiders theme.
My army's lore was all about skilled warriors, looking for challenge and despising useless cruelty. There was room for lore at this time as v3 codex were very poor 3/9
So after weeks of batch speed painting, with a fresh new lore, I went on the battlefield with my new army.
And, oh boy, I got my ass whooped... More than once...
I was unable to win or even be a correct challenge.
And slowly the hate grew 4/9
Until I kicked my own ass and started from scratch. I realised this army couldn't be played like others. I had to think carefully.
I understood new concept, hit qnd run, splitting the enemy force, using my mobility.
Slowly i got better and finaly I started to win some games 5/9
I had learnt the hard way how to analyse and rethink my tactics qnd strategy. It has been a valuable lesson.
I kept playing them and getting better. But time passed, their codex got old and outdated. It became funnier to play other armies
My dark eldar started to collect dust 6/9
Until one famous day, after a friendly tournament, a friend told me playing tyranids (my main army) was autowin, he told me that a true challenge would be to play Dark Eldar (weakest army).
I accepted the challenge and trained again.
At the next tournament, I won it with DE ! 7/9
I made peace with Dark Eldar, waited a long time for their new codex (12 years ?), Loved having more lore and played them on a regular basis.
But one day, after a stupid accident, I broke all the flying bases of my many raiders and reavers. I stored and stopped using them! 8/9
Finaly, thanks to Scykhe on Parade, I fixed them all. And now as I love the new codex, I am really hyped to play them again !!

Love and hate with some bitterness, I think that's quite in theme with the army 😅

Thank you for reading 9/9
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