I see many confused why anti COVID restrictions protestors wear yellow stars.

It’s not because “they don’t understand” - it’s because they believe any slight inconvenience to their freedom - even if it protects thousands of lives - is worse than the death of 6 million people.
People need to understand why this is happening. There’s always been a type (usually a tiny minority of loner men) in society.

This isn’t like in the past.
The yellow colour isn’t by coincidence.
It’s full blown media mainstreamed narcissism. https://twitter.com/SunderlandUnite/status/1385925480491233282?s=20

It’s also wrong to say it’s “Holocaust denial” or “misrepresents the Holocaust”.
Their point is not that the Holocaust didn’t happen..

..their point is “my absolute freedom is more important than 6 million deaths”.

It isn’t “stupidity” - it’s all chosen quite deliberately.

If you really were upset & did have empathy with others suffering in COVID lockdowns/restrictions...you wouldn’t be smiling wearing a yellow badge.

It’s the opposite:
It’s “my personal universe is more important than anything, even 6 million deaths”.
That’s the point.

And of course (without getting too Nietzsche here) there’s another fascist strand present here.

The barely repressed belief these people are Übermenschen. That the weak that die from COVID shouldn’t impinge in any way on the absolute freedom of the societal elite - them.

Or in other words:

It’s easier to have a fascistic fetish of yourself - the absolute individual...

....if you combine it with “victim status”.

That’s why the yellow star is used.
And why they are smiling.

“I am a god - and any inconvenience is worse than a million lives.”
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