#Armenia PM resigns to path a way forward to snap elections expected for late June. Nikol Pashinyan says that will be ready to leave power if fails to win elections.
Much expected development. Calls for resignation have been in place since the #Karabakh war. Pashinyan made smart moves: to tone down criticism he blamed predecessors and exploited standing threats of fragile peace in NK and #Armenia to solidify his own power.
The parliament still has to formally fail appointment of new PM to call the snap vote. These elections will be very difficult: opposition and some societal groups are angry and want to see Pashinyan out at any cost. The state system is weak. Syunik does not follow PM's orders.
But one thing that angry opposition groups should remember: any destabilisation will prolong Pashinyan's staying in power. So better find a way to make it through the vote. No matter how difficult it is gonna be.
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