I'm going to vent about the way IPL is happening in these times.
I'm not against it at all. In fact, I truly believe that sports has healing powers to bring communities together during a time of crisis. Let me cite 2 examples from personal experience. I've spent ~ a decade in
The game didn't save lives but certainly lifted people's spirits. Gave them so e sense of hope.
The other powerful examples come from baseball. Mets Braves about a week-10days right after 9/11. Mike Piazza's homer was a real shot in the arm. People cried
And rejoiced. Even the Braves' manager Bobby Cox admitted that the Mets weren't the enemy that day...for a few minutes, at least ;)
Then of course, Yankees D Backs WS game 3 with Bush throwing the 1st pitch. Jeter hugging a firefighter. Truly hair raising moments. Mariano Rivera
The Rams and the Patriots saw the rise of Tom Brady during that time. So yes, sports has the ability to evoke hope in the times of despair.
Equally important is the fact that all major league sports - NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL have formal mechanisms to give back to the community. NBA
Cares is the first to xample that comes to mind. There are ads running for it all the time during the season. And the players don't shy away from expressing their views or donating money or physically participating in community outreach during crisis.
Take Katrina for example.
This is how local heroes are made.
There is no denying that there is greed in American sports. But when a tragedy strikes, the awareness of the surrounding environment is remarkable. Admire it or call it marketing gimmicks, the fact is, they give back. Significantly.
The commentary is poignant. The games ensuing any tragedy...almost always begins with acknowledging the tough times and thanking people working to set things straight. There is no fox vs NBC sports. There is a brief semblance of true unity.
Now, coming to ipl. I just googled
IPL covid relief. I was naturally disappointed with the results.
From whatever little I know, there is not only any formal commitment towards relief efforts, but absolitely little to no acknowledgement of the events around us. There is a goddamn pandemic going on!
Is stay home, stay safe really hard to message? Get vaccinated, people! Is that so hard to say? People in the US (I have lived there so for whatever it is worth, I'll draw comparisons f om those experiences) are massively vocal about issues and current events. What I. Seeing here
I am* seeing here is a shocking silence from most players. It is like they are living in their own bubble. Either they aren't aware of the pandemic or just "playing it safe" by not saying anything about. The commentators aren't doing any better either.
The impression is that
Move along, nothing to see here. Just a fun game. Positive energy. Hell yeah (insert local team) rules! Come watch us play in drones.
But do correct me. I am happy to learn.
Is there anything announced in terms of a charity game for covid relief? Has anyone donated a paycheck?
Does ipl have a formal mechanism to go ve back to the community? Any plans of doing so? My problem is not with the ipl. In fact, if done right, it could have a good impact. It's the sheer gaudiness, bordering on tawdriness with poor awareness & acknowledgement of the environment
, let alone setting up measures (even if just donating money) that bothers me. Thousands of people are dying and suffering. Silence tantamounts to indifference and that is unacceptable.
Wake up. Read the room. The country. It is ok to get out of your "bubble", for a change.
MLB has donated more than $1 million.
In addition, they have converted stadiums into vaccination sites! Thousands of vaccines administered at these sites. (Houston Astros). https://www.mlb.com/covid19resources
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