@ArvindKejriwal’s hardly working Delhi Government:

1. At Delhi High Court - two Hospitals SOS calls UNANSWERED by Delhi Govt

2. At DHC - Delhi Govt neither noting requirement of O2 of each Delhi Hospital nor telling the O2 supplier how much O2 to supply & where

3. At DHC - For 3 days Delhi Govt did NOTHING to arrange tankers to pick up allotted O2 lying at Rourkela plant

4. At DHC - One hospital treating Covid patients not even listed for O2 by Delhi Govt

5. At DHC - Delhi Govt wants to be served on a platter & make NO efforts

6. Delhi Govt allotted 8 PSA O2 plants by central govt in Jan 2021, Delhi Govt gave clearance for 1. Made 0

7. RTIs reveal Delhi Govt did NOT build ONE HOSPITAL, did NOT buy ONE VENTILATOR

8. Delhi Govt hospitals GTB & Rajiv Gandhi reportedly cutting Covid beds by 100s

9. Delhi Govt 2020 budget allocated Rs. 50 crores to fight Covid pandemic but spent Rs. 140 crores in July-Dec 2020 on Ads

10. Delhi Govt 2021 budget allocated Rs. 50 crores for Covid vaccination (6.25 lakh/2+ Cr Delhiites) but spent 150 crores on Ads in Jan-March 2021

11. Covid Testing down from 1+ lakh a day to 70/80K a day. Positivity rate ~ 30%+ daily. Delhi Govt doing NOTHING to increase testing

12. While many State Govts. have announced free vaccination for all Delhi Govt has NOT

#Kejriwal_Exposed #KejriwalFailsDelhi


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