Nailing the lies & propaganda of the Modi Govt & Serum Institute of India:

Over the last few days, there’s been an organized campaign by the Govt of India blaming the shortage of vaccines on an export embargo of raw materials by the United States.

But wait - that’s not true 👇
Here’s Adar Poonawalla of SII admitting on CNBC TV18 just 2 days ago that the US embargo on raw materials DOES NOT AFFECT PRODUCTION OF COVISHIELD.

The embargo affects “Covovax” which is a vaccine under development that’s not yet been approved anyway.

Don’t fall for fake narratives where Modi govt is blaming the US falsely for its own incompetence. This is their new agenda to divert attention from Modi’s failures.

Shortage of Covishield is entirely the fault of SII & Modi govt. The US embargo has NOTHING to do with it.

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