Last week was the worst of the pandemic to date, with over 5.2 million new cases globally.

Yet the U.S. is sitting on millions of doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine that we haven’t approved for use (and almost certainly won’t need) while the rest of the world scrambles for supply.
Over a month ago, I (and many others) called for the U.S. to donate these doses immediately. Yet still they sit on a shelf while the pandemic picks up steam.

Meanwhile, new #COVID19 numbers have increased globally for 8 consecutive weeks.
We need to get these doses donated to countries where supply is limited. Immediately. They do absolutely no good to anyone just sitting on a shelf.

Donating money isn’t enough. Committing to future initiatives isn’t either.
Vaccine nationalism is a pandemic sin and will be a stain on our global standing in the long-run.

It’s time to do better. Lives literally depend on it.
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