My timeline full of men across the ideological spectrum who are now upset that people are still wearing masks outside. you care so much?
I swear if you think of asking men to wear a mask as asking them to wear a condom, all the rage and disdain makes sense.
Some people still wear masks because they are afraid and maybe for good reason, you don’t know! And some for social signaling and some out of some kind of fear of mild rebuke and jfc, this is not our biggest problem.
I wear mine around my chin when I’m outside walking most of the time but I also wear one to pull up and down because my kid and all his friends practice constant vigilance and are unvaxxed and we can’t just ask them to suddenly turn on a dime about all this.
I tell my kid, often, that in many cases when we are outdoors that we don’t need to have them on but he’s more comfortable being cautious. He’s spent a year worried he could get sick and/or infect and kill his parents or other adults. People need to ease in.
Excess outdoor mask wearing doesn’t hurt anyone, or anything.

Lecturing people about this does zero good so far as I can tell.

Congrats, we too have read those articles.
I wear my mask outside in my neighborhood because the Latino community has been devastated by COVID and has worked so so hard to ensure people can be safe. But there are lots of reasons.
Men upset at people wearing masks outside are also unwilling to let go of the straw man of people being fined for not wearing a mask outside.

Mad at public health ordinance specifics that either never existed or were (almost? I mean probably once) enforced.

"Well, actually..."
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