Okay folks, this one is important. I never ask people to share my Tweets, but given the potential that Kevin Johnston, Derek Storie, and Logan Murphy are putting people in harm's way I need to ask for this one to be shared widely. 1/19
This morning police and AHS showed up again at Artur Pawlowski's Street Church as a result of their continued defiance of health bylaws as a result of the pandemic. 2/19
And not surprisingly there are those suggesting those trying to enforce bylaws be harmed. 3/19
Here are a few clips of the encounter including Peter Reicher threatening to call 911 and throwing as general temper tantrum. 4/19
And as Kevin Johnston is present there is also a threat made towards the AHS worker. 6/19
That Kevin Johnston is present is an issue as he is currently very ill.

He claims he has bronchitis. 7/19
In fact, Derek Storie and Logan Murphy, both of whom are staying at the same place, are sick.

Despite Derek's assurance it isn't Covid, I suspect that none of them have been tested. 8/19 https://twitter.com/TonyYvce/status/1385550663413862400?s=20
Last night Derek must have been too ill to participate in the livestream though Kevin soldiered on.

He sounded like death. 9/19
And this morning on their way to the Pawlowski church, they didn't sound any better. 10/19
Kevin complains about significant weight loss since being ill. 11/19
In this one Derek can be heard hacking in the back seat. 12/19
No one is wearing a mask of course and Kevin says he doesn't know if he is contagious, however he does little to mitigate any potential harm. 13/19
And despite having contact with three very sick people, the Pawlowski service continued. 14/19 https://twitter.com/JaneQCitizen/status/1386058809588682752?s=20
Johnston, Storie, and Murphy have been going around maskless for weeks and refusing to abide by basic health measures to protect themselves and others.

While I don't know if they have Covid, they are presenting what look to be the classic symptoms 15/19
They have interacted with people who are elderly, people with compromised immune systems, and vulnerable populations including unhoused peoples.

They have visited numerous communities in Alberta and British Columbia. 16/19 https://twitter.com/JaneQCitizen/status/1383277525795622922?s=20
And despite being ill, they plan on attending other group events in defiance of the AHS putting more people at potential risk. 17/19
Johnston claims he has bronchitis. Storie and Murphy suggest they caught bronchitis from Johnston.

Given the circumstances however that claim should be questioned. 18/19
While it is unknown if they have Covid, the behaviour of Johnston, Storie, and Murphy is not only a risk to their own health, but it poses a danger to their supporters and the general public. 19/19
So in Friday's livestream Artur Pawlowski said that Kevin, who is very clearly very sick, will be the keynote speaker at a Monday protest at City Hall in Calgary.
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