Last week while on the highway in a car with my kids and my husband we were hit by a truck and rolled three times - everyone has walked away fine, somehow. But my paramedic estimated our ambulance Bill to be $4800, AT LEAST
The chopper was called out because of how serious they thought the accident was (I know, unbelievable) so that could be another $5000, at least. I don’t have private health insurance but I pay $120 a year for ambulance insurance for my entire family. Get on it!
And I know parents will be interested - both my kids in forward facing car seats that my mum in law had installation double checked on. My baby got a cut on his big toe - the only injury between both of them. I am so, so, so thankful, those seats are miracle devices.
The most poster mindset I’ve ever been in is telling my group chat by posting “we got hit by a truck lmao”
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