what does @NEXTforAUTISM really stand for? this essay by one of their board members who’s also part of producing #ColorTheSpectrum about how she abused and abandoned her autistic son for not being fun and making her feel loved makes it pretty clear! #AutismAcceptanceMonth #autism
i knew that all they care about is having a kid who makes them feel loved and important enough but god damn she fucking admitted it in print. they’re not even ashamed of it. she describes HER SON like a curse or inanimate object that stole her chance at the son she wanted to have
imagine you ruin your child’s brain, his entire life, and abandon him and then spend the rest of your life fundraising to put other kids through the exact same abuse that essentially lobotomized your son. and that’s why all those famous comedians are doing it, for these people.
neurotypicals won’t admit they were wrong about autism because then they’d have to admit that they tortured their children until they caused so much damage to their brains that their development was completely stunted. “severe autism” is an autistic kid who has been tortured.
these people shouldn’t be onstage, they should be in jail.
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