Elon Musk hosting @nbcsnl May 8 isn't a bad idea, if you like sociopaths who fund deadly coups for profit, illegally bust unions, deny COVID, oppose pandemic relief, & support technofascism. After all, the last non-athlete non-entertainer to host SNL was--Donald Trump. 1/
On one hand, Musk is part of a long US tradition of innovator-as-asshole. Henry Ford was an anti-Semite, Edison a thief, Steve Jobs a paranoid who disowned his daughter, and Zuckerberg is, well, Zuckerberg. But Musk is his own flavor of a visionary/psychopath crossbreed. 2/
Start with Bolivia, where Musk helped underwrite the coup that overthrew President Evo Morales, tweeting "We will coup who we want to coup." Why? To snatch Bolivia's lithium supply to guarantee cheap components for Musk's lithium-ion Tesla batteries. 3/ https://carbuzz.com/news/bolivia-says-elon-musks-tweet-sparked-a-coup
Musk runs the world's most valuable car and space companies. He also runs NeuraLink, seeking to implant computer links into humans. He believes *his* vision of the future is the only one worth considering. And he wants to force it on to the rest of us. 7/ https://www.autoevolution.com/news/inside-elon-musks-world-hes-going-mad-and-everyone-knows-it-151392.html
I've spent decades in TV. SNL wants Musk b/c of the freak factor. He's the world's 3rd richest person. He's a genius. He launched a Tesla into deep space. He's weird. He'll draw eyeballs. Outside of the genius and rich parts, SNL thought the same about Trump. I won't watch. 8/
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