Saturday afternoon musing. It should come as no surprise that the Covid debate is polarized. On one extreme, we've got the let-it-all-hang-loose social Darwinists. Let's go forward with whomever is left standing from this hoax (Internal inconsistency? No problem). /2 #cdnpoli
2/ The other extreme believes that the virus and its variants were going to be geographically isolated. All that would be needed is rules. Everyone would keep them, humans being so very rational and compliant. /3
3/ Governments are dealing with these very real extremes. Limit "freedoms" and the loophole-seekers see only a red-flag challenge. Take no action whatsoever and let doctors, nurses, and coroners deal with the result. /4
4/ Canada was never going to hermetically seal itself off from a global pandemic. Some nations may have better ability than others. Populations used to authoritarianism. Islands. Skilled leadership. Not-a-federation. Centralized healthcare. A we-outlook populace. /5
5/ I think that instead of arguing from the polar positions, we just need to do what we can with the resources we have. There is no point arguing for the impossible. We don't have the resources to police (fine, jail...) every single Canadian or loophole temptation.
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