1/9 The situation isn't good. It's okay to feel a little stressed now but not okay to hold on to it and let it affect work & tasks. Mental health is important! Here's a thread with resources to help you maintain your mental health. 👇
3/9 MPower - https://mpowerminds.com/ 

Counseling & Therapy
4/9 iCall - https://icallhelpline.org/ 
Reach out to 022-25521111

iCall is a telephone and email-based counseling service run by the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences
6/9 Nimhans Helpline - https://nimhans.ac.in/pssmhs-helpline/
Reach out to them at 080 – 4611 0007 (Toll-free)

Psychosocial support & mental health
8/9 Mann Talks - https://www.manntalks.org/ 
Reach out to them at 8686139139

The Mann Talks Helpline offers free and confidential emotional and psychological support through a team of trained mental health professionals.
9/9 Share this thread with anyone who might need mental health assistance. Listen to people and care about what they are saying, we can create a huge impact by normalizing "taking help for maintaining mental health".

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