NEW: $40-million worth of potentially life-saving treatment that could keep COVID-19 patients out of hospitals is sitting unused in Canada despite being approved by this country’s medical regulators.

Doctors don’t understand why. 
The drug bamlanivimab is similar to the cocktail given to former U.S. president Donald Trump when he was diagnosed with COVID-19 last fall.

Some doctors and members of the federal Liberal caucus are pushing to have the drug made available here. 
Canadian regulators first approved bamlanivimab back in November. Four days after authorization, the Trudeau government announced a $40-million deal to purchase 26,000 doses of the drug. That’s more than $1,500 a dose. 
And yet five months later, “the vast majority are sitting on a shelf. Very little of it has been used,” said Dr. Michael Silverman, head of infectious diseases at Western University and London’s St. Joseph’s hospital. 
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