You’ve heard about race-mixing? In 1913, the South Carolina House passed a horribly offensive resolution against “vote mixing.” The Manning (S.C.) Times reported about it at the time. A thread. 1/4
The 1913 South Carolina resolution to repeal the 15th Amendment said the only reason the Negro was in the U.S. was “his not having a government of his own in Africa, sufficiently strong to protect its subjects, the reason for which is weakness.” 2/4
The 1913 S.C. resolution said whites had taught the Negro “the use of tools, the wearing of clothing, and above all the christian religion. In return for all these advancements he has given the people of these United States only anxiety, strife, bloodshed and the hookworm.” 3/4
No wonder white supremacists don’t want the true history of the U.S. taught in schools. Today’s Republican attempts to suppress Black voting might have too many echoes of the ugliness of the past, if more whites truly understood the past. (The whole story is attached here.) 4/4
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