We reject and strongly condemn President Biden’s @POTUS statement concerning the events of 1915 that took place within the Ottoman Empire. This statement lacks historical & legal basis and is based on groundless allegations. #1915ArmenianLies
It is clear that President Biden made this statement to please fanatical Armenian interest circles without any consideration for regional peace and normalization.
At a time when Turkish-US cooperation needs to be at its best, President Biden’s statement undermines our bilateral relations, damages NATO solidarity and weakens the possibility of normalization in the region. In fact, normalization has been sabotaged by Biden’s statement.
To us, this is a matter to be discussed by historians and people of science. Our President’s call for opening the archives to researchers and to accept historians’ verdict on this matter is still valid. Biden’s statement clearly lacks historical basis.
This statement supports well-known circles which aim to sabotage Turkish-US relations. We strongly reject it as well as denounce it in the strongest terms.
President of US has damaged all the efforts for normalization. Turkey will not suffer from this statement. Armenia will be suffering from it as it will be deprived of normalization. #1915ArmenianLies
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