It’s fine if you don’t like cussing in stories for YOUR kids, but don’t email me to tell me not to use that language in my books at all. I don’t care that you returned it. Are you going to return your actual kid? Because they cuss. Probably more than me.
And I know there are kids that don’t cuss at all. I know a couple of adults like that. Nothing wrong with it. I’m just saying the condemnation is unnecessary.
Seriously though, so many of the “classic canon“ books are littered with racism and homophobia and sexism and ableism and all kinds of actually horrible things. People are using these books to TEACH. This isn’t just casual reading.
If you are OK with those stories being required reading for every child in a classroom but draw the line on other books— particularly books addressing the issues in the previous tweet—because there is a swear, I’m not interested in what you have to say on the matter.
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