Today is Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day. As an Armenian, I want to put together a brief thread detailing the history of this tragedy as a means of spreading information about it. Retweets are appreciated! #ArmenianGenocide (1/19)
Please note that this is not going to be comprehensive; this is a Twitter thread. No history can be condensed neatly and compactly, especially not that of genocide. I simply want to inform the uninformed. (2/19)
However, without further ado, I will get into the main contents of this thread. (3/19)
What is the Armenian Genocide?

The Armenian Genocide is the killing and diaspora of the Armenian populous living under Ottoman jurisdiction between 1915 and 1917. Estimates place upwards of 1.5 million lives lost during this period of time, not counting those that were (4/19)
exiled from their ancestral homes or forced to assimilated in order to survive. While the actual genocide itself occurred between those years, there were massacres both leading up to and afterwards. By 1922, only 400,000 ethnic Armenians remained in the Ottoman Empire. (5/19)
Attacks on the Armenian populous had been occurring since Armenia came under Ottoman jurisdiction. From 1894 to 1896, an estimated 300,000 Armenians were killed (according to the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute) under the Abdulhamit sultanate (6/19)
as to quell their desire for political reform, being considered second-class citizens. Even after the regime change in 1908, with the Young Turks usurping the authoritarian sultanate, there was no improvement. (7/19)
The following year, the massacres were restarted, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 30,000 Armenians killed. Pictured is the ruined Armenian quarter of Adana as a result of the Adana Massacre. (8/19)
With the start of World War I, Armenians continued to be killed under the guise of war. As of February, a Young Turk establishment known as the Committee of Union and Progress secretly adopted genocidal plans to eradicate the Armenian populous from the Ottoman Empire in (9/19)
tangent with the creation of a Pan-Turanian empire. Mass deportations and massacres of Armenians began in April of 1915. The date April 24, 1915 is cited as the official start of the genocide as it is when several hundred Armenians were rounded up and executed for their (10/19)
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heritage. This violence continued on until the end of the war, with the majority of the Armenian being slaughtered. Pictured below are allied German soldiers with Armenian remains in Ottoman territory. (11/19)
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This photograph shows a woman and her child who were both tortured to death. I won't be including more images out of consideration of both my own personal safety and that of the reader, but I wanted to give an idea of what the (12/19)
carnage of the genocide was like.

As of today (April 24, 2021), only now has President Biden of the United States recognized the Armenian Genocide as a genocide. A full list of states recognizing the genocide can be found here: . (13/19)
Turkey still refuses to acknowledge the genocide, claiming that a low estimate of about 300,000 Armenians died as a result of the war. (14/19)
If you have read this far, I'd like to personally thank you for caring as much. Writing this thread was not easy for me, even if the history is very much an abridged version, so I hope that this accomplishes what I intended on doing. (15/19)
I will leave replies on to answer any questions to the best of my abilities. However, I please ask that you be kind and respectful, and listen to Armenian voices. This is a difficult day for us. (16/19)
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Here is the list of sources that I used to write this. I strongly encourage everyone to look into them and conduct their own research as well; like I said, a Twitter thread can only give a faint idea of what the true history actually is: (18/19)
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