Central Govt’s Vaccine policy explained 👇

✳️ Both Covishield & Covaxin must supply 50% of production to central govt.
✳️Central govt to pay ₹3,000 cr to covishield
✳️ Central Govt to pay ₹1,500cr to Covaxin.

Balance 50% production is available for state Govts + private
Central government supplied Vaccine to be used ONLY for below population
✅ Health Care workers (HCW)
✅Front line workers (FLW)
✅ Persons above 45 years of age
✅Both First and Second dose are priority
❗️80% of Covid mortality is from this population —> High Risk category
✅ Starting May 1 - Anyone above 18 years is covered under PAID vaccine program.
✅ State Govt can buy directly from vaccine manufacturers (paid or free is state Govt’s decision)
✅ Private hospitals can also buy from vaccine manufacturers
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✅States like TN announced FREE vaccine campaign at all Govt hospitals
✅ Vaccines will be available at differential price for Govt hospitals and private to buy from manufacturers
✅ Covishield is given to private at ₹600
✅ Covaxin is given to private at ₹1,200
Expect private hospitals to charge 200-300₹ per dose, if you prefer so.

In TN both ADMK & DMK announced free vaccine in manifesto, so it should be free for all if you chose Govt hospital.
If people can afford and chose private hospitals - why should Govt provide it free ? Is it not prudent to spend that for other critical expenses ?
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