“Who today remembers the Armenians?”

Adolf Hitler asked this question of his inner circle on the run up to the Holocaust. It demonstrated unequivocally what the terminal point of Nazi Germany’s various anti-Semitic policies were going to be 1/
At the time, the Armenian Genocide was known only as “the crime with no name”, genocide being a post-WWII term used by Raphael Lemkin, the human rights advocate who drafted the Genocide Convention https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raphael_Lemkin
What made the case of the Armenians unique in modern times is their deaths had been the objective of the Young Turk Ottoman regime for simply being Armenians and Christians rather than a byproduct of conquest and subjugation. The goal was the eradication of Armenians as a people
US diplomats in Constantinople struggled in diplomatic dispatches to get the State Department and the Wilson administration to take these allegations seriously. That they were not attributed to Allied propaganda. The US had little leverage or interests in the Ottoman Empire
The architect of the Armenian Genocide was Talaat Pasha, an extremist in the Young Turk regime. Talaat Pasha not only promoted the general policy he gave direct operational orders. He was the Himmler of the Armenians https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talaat_Pasha
Unlike most genocidaires, Talaat Pasha would not escape punishment. He was assassinated in Berlin while living in exile by a young Armenian r Soghomon Tehlirian. He was acquitted by German courts but little could change the fact that between 800,000-1.5 million Armenians died
Turkey, the secular nationalist successor state to the Ottomans has always ferociously denied the Armenian Genocide and punished where it could, critics and activists. This includes the present Erdogan government.
Who today remembers the Armenians?

As of today the United States remembers them. It was the right decision by President Biden who should be commended. It was long overdue.

Never again.
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