1/x Earlier, I watched a @60Minutes interview a victim of the #CubaEmbassy, notably I am not an astrophysicist or a particle physicist buff.(Disclaimer). This article in @politico discusses the potential of add’l #syria 1 person I trust is @SenBlumenthal: https://apple.news/AZyJcrSCyTnqs7DRUmQi40g
2/x What is #ParticlePhysics? It is #TheStandardModel: 12 Particles & 4 forces of nature - that make up the theory of everything. *sans dark matter & dark energy. I highly reco. this video @musicalscience #quantum @RichardFeynman @Fermilab @briancoxlive
3/x After which read @ScienceMIT art on radio-frequency/microwave radiation— noting micro waves (in-home microwaves) are thought to be “non-ionizing” radiation that are not strong enough to remove an electron - which differs from this: #Science https://direct.mit.edu/neco/article/30/11/2882/8424/Diplomats-Mystery-Illness-and-Pulsed
5/x If the ionizing particles are still tricky, try @ProfAstroCat @DominicWalliman He breaks it down very well - good overview.
6/x And since I am a visual learner with proprioceptive tendencies... similar to ochem where you learn to draw hexagons like a boss... particle physics has Diagrams too! #Feynman diagrams. Thanks @ProfAstroCat @DominicWalliman
7/x And to wrap up this thread... as one would think physics and biochem are eons apart... or off your proverbial “charmed - strange” rocker, think of the ETC in cell. respiration & how ions or particles may impact your biochemical makeup... #Science
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