Emblematic of most western reporting on Syria: a totally fabricated vicious regime murder that never happened. They claimed a protest singer had his vocal cords ripped out by govt agents. Western media uncritically reported it as fact. It was a lie. https://harpers.org/archive/2021/05/sign-of-the-times-caliphate-the-perils-of-online-reporting/?fbclid=IwAR0H_DODdaMuNePv_zI4yctpJNzkmGdJh3wRvE7JvWiHkadvvoJF7TaiBX0
Another shocking example of western media reliance on extremist groups they supported to collapse Syria was UNCRITICALLY reporting that a Syrian official had heroically resigned in protest of the evil regime when actually the rebels forced him to resign before murdering him
"stories about Qashoush & al-Bakkour had a great deal in common. They’d both been filed by reporters in Beirut who had reached out via telephone/social media to opposition activists in Hama—specifically the Local Coordination Committees." LCC'S WE WERE TOLD TO SUPPORT AND BELIEVE
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